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Swiss Gold Letter is focused on value

Swiss Gold Letter is an online newsletter that shares our favorite investing themes and ideas. We are value investors located in Switzerland.  We believe that the best ideas must have significant upside potential (ideally 10x potential), with reasons to believe that our risk is mitigated. We meet regularly with many companies and attend numerous events throughout the year and we share our favorite ideas with you.

A laser-focus on commodity stocks

At this time, we believe that commodities are historically undervalued against the market. For that reason, our letter is focused now on junior mining stocks, which we believe are well positioned to generate strong potential returns for the next several years.

We are investors

We are investors and usually own the stock we are discussing.  We intend to hold our best positions for years but we may trade our shares at any notice.  We may not notify you when we do this. Although we are not receiving any compensation from any of the companies we cover, we nevertheless reserve the right to accept sponsors for our website. If we write about a company that sponsors us, this will be clearly indicated in our posts.

Swiss Gold Letter only writes about our favorite ideas

We only publish about our favorite investment ideas.  We aim to provide a fair and objective overview of the companies we write about, but bias cannot be excluded. We may not write for several weeks (or months) if we do not have ideas to share. We aim to provide updates on important developments in companies that we have featured. We also may conduct site visits and if we do so, we will share information on our website.

We are not registered investment advisors. Always do your own research!

We are not registered investment advisors. We are not responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on our ideas. You must do your own research.  Never make an investment just because we have written about it. Please review our terms and conditions.

Where can I find the Swiss Gold Letter? 

You can follow our newsletter on Twitter (@SwissGoldLetter) and RSS or subscribe to our newsletter to receive a summary of updates by email. We also may be found on CEO.CA.

Can I use Swiss Gold Letter’s articles and pictures?

No, all information contained on our website is intellectual property. Please contact us if you wish to reuse any of our information and we may provide permission. This does not apply to mages or content from third parties.

Please contact Swiss Gold Letter for more information.